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Youth development experiences are connected to positive outcomes in youth, including decreases in negative behaviors (such as alcohol and tobacco use and violence) and increases in positive attitudes and behaviors (such as motivation, academic performance, self-esteem, problem-solving, positive health decisions, and interpersonal skills). 

Participation in leadership development experiences is linked to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others.     (National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability. Youth Development and Youth Leadership in Programs.)

To ensure my students are equipped with the best practices for youth development, I participate in yearly Youth Program Quality Intervention Training's through Center for Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI). YPQI  is a quality improvement process for out-of-school-time service providers.


Building Character
Developing Leadership
Empowering Girlz to Use Their Voice for Good

My work as a Youth Program Director afforded me the opportunity to facilitate workshops to over 500 youth annually. I work with teens to develop the leadership and confidence skills needed to help navigate throughout the teen years and develop into adulthood. 

R.E. A. L Girlz provides youth group coaching groups on character and leadership development program for pre teen and teen girls.

R.E. A. L Girlz will engage girls in a variety of interactive presentations that will help develop positive characteristic traits, learn to communicate effectively , develop self awareness and encourage them to become positive leaders among their peers.

Discussion Topics 

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Conflict Resolution

Social Media Awareness

Leadership and Character Development

Effective Communication

Diversity Awareness

Teen Dating Violence

Sexual Responsibility

Self Awareness

Mental Health Awareness


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We are R.E.A.L Girlz!

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